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The second largest continent in the world, Africa is filled with vast expanses, dramatic contrasts, rich cultural experiences, breathtaking wonders, and thousands of unique species.

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Asia & India

Chureito Pagoda, Fujiyoshida-shi, Japan

The world’s largest and most diverse continent, Asia encompasses everything from Israel in the west and Japan in the east to Indonesia in the south and Russia in the north.

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Australia & the South Pacific

Turtle in Melanesia

Oceania is home to more than 10,000 islands, including the smallest continent on earth, encompassing everything from arid deserts to lush, tropical islands and remote atolls.

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Central & South America

Patagonia. Photo by Hector Marquez on Unsplash

Home to a variety of climates and unique biomes, explorers with a thirst for outdoor pursuits, wildlife encounters, and new cultures will relish this ultimate adventure destination.

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Iberian Peninsula

Europe’s jaw-dropping scenery and world-famous landmarks have been romanticized for centuries, making it the most visited continent in the world.

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Polar Regions


High atop any adventure-seeking traveler’s bucket list, the polar regions offer a plethora of adventure travel experiences from Zodiac cruising and sea kayaking to up-close wildlife encounters. 

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